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Feedback & Reviews

Tania is one of the kindest, most caring people I have ever met. She is also one of the most organized and detail-oriented people. Tania completely transformed my office/classroom space. Seriously, the transformation was amazing. This is the number one favorite spot to be in the school ;). Tania brought life and character into the space and everything was thoughtfully organized and now has a home. Her use of different boxes and bins turned a once overwhelming mess into an organized (for lack of a better word) masterpiece!!! I feel so lucky to get to work in such a beautiful, fun and organized space where I can come to work every day and have my best head on my shoulder.

Lauren Keen

Zarah Rawji

Before Tania from minimalist design organizing came to my house, I was feeling a little overwhelmed to be honest! The moment she walked through the door, I have to say she put me at ease. Her positive and calm nature alongside her determination allowed this process to feel therapeutic rather than tedious. At the beginning of the session, Tania spent time asking me about what I was hoping to achieve by the end of the session. Once she provided some insight, I was able to visualize what I wanted and I had no doubt that my visualization would become a reality.

Tania’s systematic and non-pressuring approach, helped me conquer my closet! Once we grouped my clothes into categories, she provided me with the options to donate, consign or keep without pressure. She then presented various options of how she thought my closet space would be used most effectively and allowed me to decide what would best suit my needs. She taught me ways to fold and organize so that the neatness could be maintained in the long run. Tania helped me choose baskets, hangers and organizational items to help make the space look appealing.

Tania’s kind and caring nature allowed me to express what I really wanted without judgement I highly recommend miminalist_organizing to help transform or create your dream space. It was an absolute pleasure working with Tania!! You can tell she loves what she does

Tania transformed my office from a cluttered mess into a organized well running system. Before Tania came my desk area was overrun with file folders and boxes filled with outdated papers. I had tax returns from 1999! Tania carefully went through all my paperwork with me and we were able to pare it all down to one filing drawer worth of paper. She designed an organizing system in my desk area that allows me to find things easily and efficiently as items are stored close to where they will be needed.  I am very happy with the results after working with Tania at minimalist design organizing.

Tom Joseph